Baden-Art virtual gallery

Welcome to the Baden-Art virtual gallery.

Here, you can appreciate and enjoy some of the best modern art and high-quality exhibits displayed in a virtual space, entirely at your leisure and from any location you choose. Just wander through our contemporary art gallery at your own pace. And during your visit, our aim is to allow you to be completely free to experience all the feelings and emotions evoked by the superb artwork on display!

That’s why our online gallery has been very carefully designed to ensure this virtual space conveys an extremely authentic look and feel, giving our visitors a highly convincing recreation of a visit to a “real” art gallery.

Our virtual gallery allows artists the opportunity to present their works via the internet. And beyond this, all artworks can actually be appreciated in even greater detail and quality, because our virtual gallery adds new perspectives for viewing each art object on display – a feature not previously available with conventional digital presentations. Gaining a real sense of the original proportions and viewing each artwork in an appropriately designed setting gives each piece in our virtual gallery a strong sense of presence. This mode of presentation creates a highly realistic impression far beyond the impact of a simple photograph. Visitors also have the opportunity to chat and interact with us, ask questions, and enjoy a live guided tour through the gallery by opting for a Live Guided Session.

Your Baden-Art team