Epoxy Resin – 2017 100 x 100
The night ejects its dark wings and the infinity in which we dream of flying. The transcendence of this world of experience goes far beyond the representational and carries us beyond the threshold of the visible. We long for the birds we meet in this state of consciousness, only out of the admiration to be able to fly as freely and easily as they do. The painting ‘Birds’ shows an abstract mixture of blue, white and accentuated orange. The predominant part of the entire work is represented by the colour blue, which appears darker in different shades of light and darker around the edge of the painting than in the middle. What is more, the light blue and white hover, almost vertically, toward the upper right-hand corner of the painting and thus stand out from the very edge. The bottom section of the painting is composed of a more sharp-edged, abstract continuum of partly wing-like facets of dark blue, white and earthly colours. As in the painting, night birds are our thoughts and dreams, flying out into the darkness of night. As messengers of the soul, birds are still revered in ancient cultures today as symbols of the unconscious in whose embrace we too can fly, equipped with the wings to dream dream, and a sense spiritual ecstasy and happiness in our own lives:


Epoxy resin on Canvas – 2017
100 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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