Acryl and Expoxy Resin on Canvas – 2018 120 x 100 cm
In its very constitution, blue breaks through the reddish brown found between sky and earth or water and land. This interplay of elemental forces is visualised by ‘Diffusion’ in its own particular way. The work’s focus can be found in the physical force created out of two elements colliding. So, what exactly does this painting depict? The entire surface of the painting is dominated by two colours, both complimenting and contrasting nicely with the other. On the one hand, the blue we see is a kind of sky blue, similar to the kind found on a sunny day on the southern seas. By way of contrast, the red clings to the edges of the painting and mixes earthy colours into the work’s textural colour palette. This range of textures is equally responsible for the simulating of a rapid flow, as well as the contrasting standstill of frozen motion between elements. Fresh sky blue flows from the upper half of the painting through a funnel-shaped break before accumulating at the point it meets another colour. The fire, powerfully symbolised by the colour red, and the blueish waters are elementary forces in stark opposition. ‘Diffusion’ is a mirror reflecting this brutal clash of natural elements

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1.20 m x 1.00 m


Acryl and Expoxy Resin on Canvas – 2018
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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