Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas, 120 x 100 CM, 2017
The word metamorphosis can be interpreted very differently, but the term is commonly applied to the process of transformation or change an organic animal or plant matter undergoes to become a new phenotype. This concept was comprehensively explored by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe during his own profound search for the archetypal plant. And the famous quote “All things change, but nothing is destroyed” comes from the epic poem ‘Metamorphoses’ by the Roman poet Ovid, which is also dedicated to this extensive topic. The abstract METAMORPOSIS I visualizes this striking natural principle of eternal change in an entirely unique way. The image features two colours at the centre of the canvas, which are then distributed across almost the entire surface of the picture. A white background is combined with the colour blue to create a unified concept in the foreground. These colours mix and blend under the influence of different dynamics, sometimes featuring more or less strongly as a consequence. The margins of the picture in particular are dominated by pure white tones, while the central area focuses on an expansive mix of the two core colours previously mentioned. Within this colour conglomerate, the blue tones appear lighter or darker according to their location. Colour temperature plays a major role here, creating varying zones of greater and lesser activity. The precise meaning of these shades of blue can extend from an association with the firmament, to the sea or the universe itself, and can also reference the unconsciousness of the deepest night and the deep calm of a nocturnal dream. Blue is thus a colour often synonymous with intangible, spiritual elements, which can be expressed very well by a painting which is demonstrably non-representational. Metamorphosis is not only Ovid’s philosophical focus, the same idea is also echoed in the aesthetic concept of the perception of beauty. This principle of perception, which is also a feature of ZEN Buddhism, is a commitment to constant change expressed as the first of Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths: dukkha, which refers to the impermanence and detachment of existence. METAMORPHOSIS I also works as a visual reproduction of these ideas.

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1.20 m x 1.00 m

Metamorphosis 1

Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas – 2017
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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