Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas – 2017 120 x 100 cm
In its own artistic and contemporary way, ’Metamorphosis 2’ addresses the central theme in one of world literature’s most famous works – Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The content of this piece is rooted in mythological tradition and describes the origin of the world through verse. The idea of constant change is reflected through a metamorphosis of form, not only theologically (Zeus transforms into a bull, for example) but also geologically, botanically and zoologically. The painting, made with acrylic paint and oil, shows a seemingly aimless overlapping and interweaving of three colours. The achromatic colours – black and white – are contrasted with the bright red, which forms a gradient background ranging from light and dark tones of brown alongside black and white. Such tactfulness of colour – also seen as earthly colours – is, in turn, contrasted with accentuated strokes of bright red. From a geological point of view, these colour changes are similar to fluctuations in temperature and pressure, as a result of which rock transformations occur in the earth’s crust. This mineral, known as metamorphic rock, is the result of tectonic activity and the formation of mountains. The colour red is similarly active and eruptive, offering the eye notions of change. Rising from the womb of Mother Earth, such close detail quickly dissolves into the whole again

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1.20 m x 1.00 m

Metamorphosis 2

Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas – 2017
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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