Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas – 2017
120 x 100 cm

Away from its everyday meaning, the concept of metamorphosis, synonymous with transformation, reshaping, or change of form, leads us into the spheres of metaphysical forms of existence. Abstract painting approaches the unconscious in its own way, so that the title ‘Metamorphosis 3’ of this work poses the legitimate question in the sense of Ovid’s literary monumental work: ‘Which spirit drives me, you gods, since you walk everything?’ The predominant colours of the acrylic and oil paintings are black, red and white. Apart from the non-objective form of representation, the colours, due to their arrangement and pattern-like shape, appear strongly contrasting to each other. Thus colour gradations of red are hardly perceived. The white and black hues, on the other hand, come to the fore, but the predominant part of the composition is made up of the colour grey, i.e. the mixture of black and white. Apparent figures break out of the flowing patterns of uncoloured colouring, which, however, do not form solid structures. Rather, the colour behaves like a cast of lead after cooling, from which some figures seem to emerge. In contrast, the colour red forms isolated rounded shapes that are placed both at the edge and in the middle of the painting. The painting, ‘Metamorphosis 3’, has an expressive effect on the observer due to its colour intensity. If white is associated above all with purity and innocence, the colour black is the symbol of mourning and death. This interplay between becoming and passing seems to be a primal principle of the universe, whose dynamic ability to change is actively promoted by the colour red

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1.20 m x 1.00 m

Metamorphosis 3

Acryl and Oil in Special Mixing Technic on Canvas – 2017
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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