Acryl and Spatula Technique on Canvas – 2013 120 x 100 cm
The colour purple, which stands in the colour spectrum of visible light at the border to the invisible, holds the mysterious and mystical, which seems to exist outside the real world of experience. Spirituality, and in this context the higher cognition that surrounds this hue, is a bridge between the Here and Behind. In this context, according to Paracelsus, the mystery of the world holds its greatest secret, which, within the framework and from the point of view of pantheism, wants to step out of the hidden into existence. The painting shows the following: If the painting is divided horizontally into three parts, the third on the right has been completely applied with the colour purple without any colour gradations. This hue is hardly noticeably interrupted by occasional shimmering and washed-out white, which seems to form the background. Likewise, there are isolated zones of grey, pierced colour on the shade, which do not disturb its colour intensity noticeably. Two horizontal, adjacent and overlapping black bars separate the colourful lilac from the rest of the canvas, the uncoloured colours black and white. The middle third of the canvas consists almost exclusively of the light shade, which is delicately interspersed with purple at the lower edge. The left third of the painting consists mainly of the dark shade, which is partly shallowly interspersed with white and purple. Strikingly, parts of the colourant black in the left third of the painting were applied with rotational movements. The surface textures thus differ considerably in the respective parts of the painting and exert their own fascination. The juxtapositions of the colours white, black and purple in the painting each associate different statements. White and black, which seem to work together, partly revolve around an axis that represents the visible world (life and death, man and woman). The mysterious inbetween would first have to be explored together in order to discover the world hidden behind the purple. A slight hint seems to prevail, in their common dance around a middle


Acryl and Spatula Technique on Canvas – 2013
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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