Acryl and Epoxy Resin on Canvas – 2013 120 x 100 cm
The big world is like the small world; everything revolves around each other and eventually dissolves. The range of vision of our eyes is the limit which we cannot cross without further aids. In these disembodied spheres of the last drops of light and electron energy, we encounter the theory that remains in the dark. The image “spin”, which means as much as angular momentum, looks behind the border of the no longer perceptible and dissolves in the equation in which the blur between the wave and the particle are only forms of observation. The dominant colours of this painting are white, red and black. The black colour forms the background on which red and white are applied in different ways. Almost like a frame, the red colour forms a wide strip at the edge, which is arranged in a linear and angular manner around the whole painting, but does not seem homogeneous. Thus, the application on the right side of the painting is more intense than on the left side and almost completely blurs the bottom and top. The colour white, on the other hand, was applied in two different patterns to the entire upper and lower half of the picture and occupies almost the entire surface of the overall composition. Interestingly, the predominant white in the upper half of the picture forms a reduced film of lubricant, which comes to the fore through rotation and horizontally wide strokes. In contrast, white forms a seemingly spherical outline in the lower half of the picture, in which more strongly drawn irregular lines, clusters and denser structures predominate. The picture unconsciously or consciously encounters the juxtaposition of various theorems of modern particle physics in its own artistic way. Prevailing models of quantum field theory, in which the elementary particles propagate both point-like and wave-like in the space-time continuum, are pictorially juxtaposed with strings as a further hypothetical construct. The fascination of these higher-dimensional objects expressively expresses the image


Acryl and Epoxy Resin on Canvas – 2013
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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