Acryl and Varnish on Canvas, 190 x 150 CM, 2012

As an ancient symbol of the cosmic order, the tree of life or World Tree permeates through various genealogies and creation myths of different peoples. In Christian tradition, the Tree is considered a biblical motif of the world’s axis, the Babylonians worshiped it in the form of the Sacrid Tree of Eridu, the Greeks as the Tree of the Hesperides and Germanic tribes as the embodiment of the ash tree, Yggdrasil. The painting ‘Tree of Life’ deals with this traditional bloodline from its own, modern and abstract viewpoint, leaving interpretation up to the viewer. What does the painting show? Two colours: blood red and aqua blue, are fairly evenly distributed on the canvas’ upper and lower halves. The intensity of each respective colour is interrupted by a sharp boundary around the centre of the painting. The silhouette of a tree is sharply-defined with its strong branches and red stems that dissolve into the upper half of the painting with whitish slips of colour. The tree’s roots are blue like the lower half of the painting, however. The red, white, and blue colours spread across the dividing boundary’s edges are used to shape and diffuse waves of red, white and blue elsewhere in the painting. Energetically active, the earth can found and felt through the colour red, contrasted with the calming and harmonious blue by the artist. In this respect, the painting can be seen as an active interplay of two elements, water and earth, both equally as powerful as the other. The tree, a symbol of fertility, forms a point of transition; of life, the soul and its journey through the spheres of the spirit world toward an earthly existence.

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1.90 m x 1.50 m

Tree of Life

Acryl and varnish on Canvas
190 x 150 CM, 2012

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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