Acrylic, Varnish and Expoxy Resin on Canvas – 2018 200 x 160 cm
The universe moves silently through the soul and presents a boundless space. Questions of an ultimate meaning and the point of things can leave us fixed gazing upon the stars for hours on end. Their glimmering is a white on black, but their true image lies beyond the power of the human eye. Looking through powerful lenses, we are able to see a completely different painting in which complex compositions – patterns of fog, for instance – blossom and young stars are formed. Subconsciously, abstract painting approaches this natural phenomenon in its own individual way, presenting a source of infinite beauty as in the painting ‘Universe No. 2’. The canvas shows intense colours of red, blue and yellow as surging patterns on top of a black background. It is almost as if the observer is looking through a foggy mist which splits the light spectrum in the eye of the observer. Naturally, the various radiation intensities found in space in areas of high and low radioactive activity are evenly distributed across a light spectrum also. From this apparent disorder thus emerges a clear pattern dictating colour choices used. It seems as if one is immersed in a mist which affects the eyes of the respective observer in different emission spectra and compositions. Rather, it seems obvious that the different radiation intensities are spectrally evenly distributed in space by centres of high activity and decreasing activity. The apparent disorder thus contains an order which is able to resolve the choice of colour. Despite their tonal differences, the colours harmonise without slipping into dissonance . The beauty of the universe touches and catches the innermost self of its viewers. Attracted in such a way, man listens and looks longingly into the distance as if he were homesick and thought the depths of the cosmos was where he should return

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2.00 m x 1.60 m


Acrylic, Varnish and Expoxy Resin on Canvas – 2018
200 x 160 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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