Acryl and epoxy resin on Canvas – 2018 160 x 120 cm
Questions of an ultimate meaning and the great beyond can leave us star-gazing for hours. Our views and understanding of the world’s origin range from theories of the Big Bang to divine intervention. The question about the meaning and the behind makes us wander longingly to the stars for hours. The origin of the world lies in the distance and what we suspect ranges from the Big Bang to the ether or divine. Space, the edge of the sky, the seat of light – what might it look like? The painting ‘Universe No. 1’ approaches the vastness of the universe from an abstract perspective. This does not mean to say the painting appears unrealistic, however, rather that it subconsciously offers reflections on a far deeper level. What do we see? Dark blue, lighter shades of the same colour and turquoise form a kind of backdrop in which the respective colours merge homogeneously. So-called ‘active zones’ in the painting bordered off from the deep blue hues by the glowing of a fire-red, orange and brown. Once again, cooling colours of white and light blue appear in front of darker shades. This image cleanses and deeply touches the human soul in search of its own reality among the stars and in the vastness of our universe. The birthplace of stars is revealed, the same process which brought about our own creation. We are all made of stardust

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1.60 m x 1.20 m


Acryl and Expoxy Resin on Canvas – 2018
160 x 120 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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