Acryl and Varnish on Canvas – 2016 120 x 100 cm
A painting or work of art must be mysterious. According to Oscar Wilde, the visible for the artist is even the greater mystery than the invisible. From the fact of this feeling, a far greater relevance is attached to the inner perception than we probably concede to ourselves. In the painting ‘Untitled No 17’, the viewer is given an openness to interpretation that obviously undermines the influence of a title. The painting alone lives from colour and its geometric arrangement in abstract patterns, colour fields and spatial dimensions. The total surface of the canvas is dominated by three colours: Red, yellow and grey. These three colours are arranged in layers and partly overlap at the edges. The lowest layer is grey, which is partly crossed by slight red influences at the outer edge to the next layer of yellow. The yellow layer is followed by grey, which is now broken through by red. This red forms the final upper layer, which appears most homogeneous in terms of colour intensity and density. The transitions between the individual layers are blurred. The homogeneous arrangement in layers or phases, the material properties and the density of the media present is due to the appeal to the visible world, which can be understood materially as a system of spatial parts. The layers of a material, on the other hand, are arranged according to the prevailing pressure and temperature. These two components transfer the substance into its different states of aggregation. Red, as a warm colour, and yellow and grey, as cooler colours, follow the principle of heat rise, for example in the air, and read like a transition between the individual worlds

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1.20 m x 1.00 m

Untitled No 17

Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas – 2016
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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