Acryl and spatula technique on Canvas 120 x 100 CM, 2015
Anyone who encounters the 2015 abstract acrylic “UNTITLED NO 19” for the very first time is immediately confronted with the word chaos. Yet this term should by no means be viewed negatively. The Something gushing from the yawning emptiness is actually a state of complete disorder – the subject of both ancient and modern research and philosophy. Also using the word gap, Hesiod described chaos as the original state of the world. The cosmogony on which this origin is based is also the subject of this abstract canvas. Here, both warm and cold colours of the light spectrum burst from a homogeneous black background. In addition to shades of bright red and light blue, there are also purple, olive-green and white colour gradients. These features are particularly bubbling and cloud-like, so that they are remarkably similar to that same earthly weather phenomenon. It is also interesting to reflect that the weather itself is an excellent example of chaotic disorder. Science has now developed chaos theory to research and explain the underlying components of such meteorological unpredictability. And likewise, the workings of this process can also be expressed using colours to separate the cool ordered zones from the active warm zones. Thus particular colour temperatures have been chosen to represent these shifting thermodynamic cycles. Applied with a special spatula technique, the events depicted on this canvas seem to unfold in an orderly manner. And in this context, the emptiness of the achromatic black zone can almost be considered a zone of harmony or unspoilt silence. So perhaps disengagement from anything inspired by passion is a possible interpretation of what we seem to encounter here.

Untitled No 19

Acryl and spatula technique on Canvas – 2015
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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