Acryl and Varnish on Canvas, 120 x 100 CM, 2016
In a Shodō work of art, which is the Japanese art of calligraphy, the focus is on the mental attitude at the time of the creative process. The character of what is depicted is thus opposed to an approach which selfishly demands its own personal expression. So what is there to see in this acrylic canvas? Like a symbol that behaves in both an orderly and disorderly manner, the colour black unfolds from an otherwise homogeneous sky-blue background. This feature has some colour gradations of lighter and darker-looking zones, which are partially overlaid by fog-like white and slightly violet shades. While a pearl-white overlay occurs in the centre of a dense black colour block, a powerful red pours out nearby in a single semicircular sweep. The centre is further emphasised with irregular dripped shapes, and a radiant yellow spiral winds around the pearl-white figure. Capturing a moment with such authenticity is the aim of both calligraphic art and abstract painting. Most of the time, the performing artist also practices meditation to be fully prepared to make the most of this creative moment of calm. The outcome is a unique representation of a feeling, an excitement or other emotion that can be used to help express the spirit and focus of the preceding meditation. It is thus an inner immersion in the self, which then operates independently of the creator.

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1.20 m x 1.00 m

Untitled No 20 2016

Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas – 2016
120 x 100 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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