Acryl and Varnish on Canvas, 200 x 150 CM, 2016
The red colour spreads explosively from the center of the painting, ‘Untitled No. 25’ and, in the foreground, functions as a colour to contrast with the glistening marble white of the background. Viewed centrally, the colour red begins to spread dynamically and forcefully in every direction from the darkened middle. It begins to appear more and more as if the explosive power of the piece is embodied by the jutting streaks with droplets of white thrown into their vicinity. It is, however, here away from the centre of the painting that the colour’s explosive potency is considerably less strong – the red flows rather abstractly into a transitioning mixture of colour, dancing cicles around itself as a result of its incredible density. The painting expresses a power and energy that suddenly breaks its path, like the sensation of genesis uniting its entire previous existence with its beginning. Feelings like love and hate are addressed in the painting ‘Untitled No 25’ as well as the beauty in life’s origins

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2.00 m, 1.50 m

Untitled No 25

Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas – 2016
200 x 150 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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