Acryl und Lack auf Leinwand – 2016 190 x 120cm
In today’s society, neon colours reflect the luminosity often associated with our own creative processes. A chemical element with the symbol Ne and atomic number 10, neon is one of the most common elements in the universe – yet this noble gas actually remains rather rare on Earth.

“UNTITLED NO 7” is a large acrylic canvas which approaches the fluidity of liquids and gases on its own creative terms. Here, the focus is on different variations of bright, strong light-blues and reds. As regards colour intensity, these fluorescent hues resemble the strident effect of the gas discharges mentioned above, which is what makes ultra-bright neon colours so unique. This image focuses upon colour saturation, which in this context seems to be arranged around a central point. Perhaps this design reflects neon’s interaction with cosmic rays in the planetary atmosphere. However, the composition also seems to capture and express something of the abstract effects which occur within a gas planet. With strong colour contrasts and opposing colour temperatures as constraining features, the juxtaposition of the calm expanse of space and the tangible closeness of power seems to create a kind of cosmic dance. Yet in truth it should also be assumed that a sense of distance contributes to the vagueness of the imagery presented here: The lighter the blue tones appear, the greater the feeling of distance they convey, while conversely, the darker shades of red on the canvas appear to be very much closer. And with a few excursions into yellow and orange, clearly much closer to the sun, the centre of the picture creates space for the pure outflow of white which occurs in the right half of the canvas.

Proximity and distance, activity and rest, these concepts reflect the duality apparent in almost every natural process. This common circling around a pole is the inevitable consequence of an unpredictable dynamic system, which by means of erosion, turbulence and many other events, keeps breaking out to form new frontiers.

Untitled No 7

Acrylic and Varnish on Canvas – 2016
190 x 120 cm

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Artist: Peter Deglow

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